Assistive Technology

Assessment and Financial Assistance

Dependent on the availability of funding, UCP of Kansas can sometimes assist families in purchasing various types of assistive technology. This includes items such as wheelchairs, seating systems, lifts, ramps, etc. Generally, financial aid will not exceed %50 of the total cost. Famillies are assisted in identifying other funding sources for which they might be eligible and are expected to utilize any insurance coverage that might be applicable.

Assessment and Selection

UCP of Kansas can also assist persons in the selection of certain kinds of technology or refer clients to vendors or assistive technology access centers for evaluations and subsequent recommendations on which devices might best meet their needs.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is entirely dependent upon the availability of funding at the time of application. Typically, UCP of Kansas does not fund medical services, evaluations, therapy, transportation or items that are required on an ongoing basis (such as incontinence supplies). UCP of Kansas has graduated, financial eligibility criteria beginning at an annual income of $50,000. Persons with a variety of disabilities may apply; however, applicants must be established Kansas residents. A recommendation by a physician, therapist, or other specialist may be required.

For more information about Assessment and Financial Assistance, please contact UCP at (316) 688-1888 or email